Giacomo Santiago Rogado – Insight / published by School of Observation / essay

Insight brings together recent works by the painter Giacomo Santiago Rogado (b. 1979). Spanning the past five years of his oeuvre, the selection focuses on the series Intuition, Coalescence and Introspection, alongside a series of large-scale installation works. This new publication offers the reader an intimate encounter with 

Agathe Bauer, issue 0: Picking Up Promises / publication

The title of publication series ‘Agathe Bauer’ stands for a broadly misheard hook “I’ve got the power” from a German 1990 Eurodance hit ‘The Power’ by the band Snap!. The hook that turned the song into a hit, came from Jocelyn Brown’s track ‘Love’s Gonna 

Informed Matter / Material Review / essay

“Those apparently immaterial forces do indeed have a materiality, yet of a different nature than the one we were used to. Out of these facts arise not only the questions of what is material and what is not, but also of what social and political